Table top easel

I am a novice learning to draw with pencils. Typically, I sit in a chair drawing on a dining table with the sketch pad flat on the table. I am finding this position awkward. Does anyone recommend using an easel, where you may adjust the angle of the paper to your pencil?

I love my easel to draw on I have a small table top one that has storage as well and it great to have that flexibility to move in different angles . I have some similar to this one . I also have a big easel . If I am just sketching ideas some times I will use a notebook on my lap but really love the easels . It also makes a great firm surface to lean on .

I hope this helps .

Thank you for commenting. I find myself standing up at times to find a comfortable angle of pencil to paper.

Hello JimS,

I have used easels some for painting and drawing. I prefer a drafting table that is adjustable, generally because it has a larger work surface. I find the adjustment is key so that you can keep your drawing in a relatively perpendicular position to your eye level, whether sitting or standing. That way you dont get as much of a distorted perspective going into your drawing.


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Hello jmS,

With drawing I find using doorstops and a hard board works well to create an angle-slope to work on, Richeson has some really inexpensive ones that work well. For me, with pencils I find it is easier to draw on a lower angle. Bright Creations 1/4 In MDF Wood Chipboard Sheets for Crafts, Engraving, Painting (11x14 in, 6 Pack)

hardboard or chipboard for crafting would work well as a table. Different projects can be attached to them. There are many brands and prices. I get them on Bllck Art Materials website, Richenson brand 11 x 14 for about $5 US but they could be bought at any local craft store too. Here is an example of something a little different from Amazon

I have used something like these doorstops that work well to creat a slope.: Home Premium Door Stoppers for Bottom of Door, Rubber Door Stop Wedge (4 Pack, Brown)

Of course, I am on a low budget, so I look for creative ways to handle things like an incline as an easel. there are many options for easels on Amazon or in a art supply store. Just search for Tabletop Easels like the one mentioned above.

I hope this helps you see there are many creative options out there depending how much you want to invest as a beginner and what is most practical for your specific needs.


Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I found an adjustable table top easel at Michael’s which was inexpensive and works well for me at 2 angles. I no longer must stand to draw and am more relaxed. I would love to have an adjustable drafting table, but do not have the space for it.


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