Using the grid to transfer contours

Boy! You really know how to challenge the novice! I have learned an immense amount of insight and practical knowledge through your courses. So far, I am doing all the graphite courses because I so want to learn to draw. I’m amazed at my progress! But doing the grid work is surprisingly hard for me. IDK if it is a problem with my astigmatism (hard to focus sometimes) or the stress of trying to get things relatively accurate. I’m a bit overwhelmed. If anyone has any feedback or tips, I’d appreciate it. TY.

Hi Bonnie -
There is a really good book that Matt mentions from time to time. It is called: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards. I checked it out from the local library and read it cover to cover. It is also available from Amazon. I think you might find it helpful.

Terri Robichon

Thanks for the reminder. I was interested when I first heard him mention it. I’ll check into it.

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Hey there - I too struggle with using a grid so I purchased a light board from amazon. Works great! For larger pieces, I use a projector. I project the image onto the wall and make just the minimal marks to get myself started. I do this w the light board as well. It really helps with getting the perspective correct. Enjoy the process!

Good to hear. I have a light board also. Have tried it once, but plan to use again on the next project