Using Grid lines in art

Matt has mentioned many times the question of using grid lines .Prime TV has a series Portrait Arist of the Year and most of the professional artists use a tablet to photo the subject ,apply the grid and use that to draw the subject before painting.
The judges at one point mention this but quickly move on.
Interesting show well worth watching . Although I don’t use oil paint I still learned a little watching this.
A few used other mediums.


I have not had any success when trying to use a grid. Something gets lost no matter how hard I try. I cannot focus on just one block. Transferring an image onto paper is what I need to do.


Thanks so much for posting this! I had no idea this was on Prime. I think it’s great!

There are I just discovered and haven’t yet seen additional episodes on YouTube.
I’m stuck in the middle of another soap opera tv series. So glad you are enjoying this as much as I .
Love when I question the judges choice then have something else rewind and give new thought to.