Studying by Candle Light

Hi everyone,
I decided to give oil painting a try and after reviewing Matt’s lessons and watching a few you tube videos, this is one I just finished. It is a still life composition of books on a tabletop and figuring out the perspective so things don’t appear to be sliding off of it was my biggest challenge. I am not sure I have it correct with regards to that issue so any feedback will be appreciated as always.
DebbieStudying by Candle Light


This is wonderful. Love it!

Thank you Denise! So glad you enjoyed it.

I am enjoying the circular/elliptical composition, which is echoed in the clock and the glasses. Personally I would prefer focus on the candle rather than the clock, but that it just me. Don’t know if you intended it, but your painting has similar objects and feel of a Dutch master painting. Also, the neutral pallet is nicely mellow and meditative, with the red and blue accents spicing things up a bit. All in all, I found it to be a pleasing piece of art.