Tired -- A Pastel Drawing/Painting

It has been rather quiet on here, lately. What is everyone up to? Art-wise… LOL!

Here is my latest. Soft pastels and pastel pencils on 11x14 velour paper. This poor man walked up a hill and was leaning against a rock wall to recover.


Hi Ginny! Love, love, love!

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This is wonderful. Love it.

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Very Amazing, love it!

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I can’t decide what I like best – the downy hair (it looks so soft!) or the amazing skin colors. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

Beautifully done! the fabric, the face, very good!

He has a great head of hair and beard! I doubt he is so very old - look at his cheeks. But a beautiful work. What do you do with all the items you produce?

Beautiful work. I love the color scheme

You captured a real sense of emotion with the hand gesture and facial expression. Well done!

The folds in his clothing are done so well, and the flushed look in his face really shows the mood he may be feeling. Really like this.