Trying something a little different

This piece is similar to the last few I have done. But went about it the opposite way. Normally i do the fineliners, and then color. This time I basically did a marker underpainting, with the liner done after. Just started the liner in this picture. Forgot to take one of just the background


This is where I am as of tonight.


This is great. Love it.

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Do you have a title for this yet?

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Thank you @Denise, glad you like it.

@Skeeter451 Naming my work is my absolute least favorite thing to do, lol. So definitely not yet. I am open to suggestions if you have any .

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The painting gives me the impression of the viewer standing in busy city street, surrounded by skyscrapers, and looking upwards. I would suggest something like “Cityscape.”



I love seeing your art so much @jmld616 !!!
Keep posting! Amazing job as usual!:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

@wren07 thank you so much!

All done

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Of course! Its outstanding! The finished piece is wonderful! Good work!

Also the martians are :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::wink::yellow_heart:

How about: Shipwreck!!! :smiling_face:

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That is fabulous! great colors. great movement. so fun

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I love that as a title. Thank you