New member, current piece

Hi just joined thought I would share my current wip.


Very Good! Reminds me of the pictures where one is walking up steps, then suddenly it looks like they are wallking down the steps. Is that where the subject you painted comes from? Lenora

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Thank you, I have always enjoyed Escher, I of course, have been inspired by his work. This is basically me “doodling” for lack of better words. A good percentage of my works kind of go this way, unplanned.

This is wonderful. Love it.

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Thank you @Denise . I really appreciate that.

Updating progress with better lighting.

No lack of imagination here. I’m enjoying this work. i enlarged this to get a better look and I love the the use of colors and the detailed mark or line work .

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Thank you @tomee43 . Should have another update in a couple days. Also have a lot more pieces to post. Thanks for the positive comments.

I agree with Tom -and very entertaining, too.


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Small update from last night

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I enjoy this piece. It feels like a kaleidoscope of U.S. cities landmarks. Really fun. Thanks for sharing.


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So very interesting. So much to look at.

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Latest update

I think I’m done!

Hello - what an amazing use of color and line! Is this digital art? You have worked long and hard on this piece; it is worthy of exhibition! :star2:

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Thank you so much. This piece is done on black canvas paper with gellyroll gel pens.

I really appreciate your kind comments.