5 months to learn

First, I was in heaven yesterday. Ashley working with charcoal & Matt working with graphite, life just does not get any better.
Now to my oh I get it. Te with 2r’s i was kind enough to critique my first attempt at colored pencils. Terri stated that the drawing looked flat. To make a long story short, oops to late, my untrained eye just could not see where it was flat. It has taken almost 5 months, then it hit, Matt in his color critiques always takes the color out to look at the values. That is what I did, and my first impression was that this looks flat, washed out. I thank Terri & all those who gave their advice once again & hope this helps others who, like me struggle along the way.


Hi Jim, @1kidneyJD
I’m glad it makes more sense for you now. Those members minutes are great for all of us because his message is consistent and demonstrated before our eyes.

I’m glad you hang out here and chat with us about your artistic journey.

Terri Robichon

Focusing is very important. I love your work.

Thank you Denise