Abstract Sunflowers

I was in the mood for flowers and I grabbed the sharpie and this happened. I have been hungering after making beautiful abstracts for a few years, now. I feel like I have finally stumbled upon my own style of beautiful abstracts. I am really enjoying these things. I hope you are, too.



I too am enjoying these. Wonderful style you have created!


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I love this. Wonderful job Ginny

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I love how you did those sunflowers . Love the creativity and your own flair you put on it .

Yes, your style is so you and amazing! I want to acknowledge the color choices as well, nice work with the various shades of yellow for the petals! :sunflower: :smiley:

Very nice!!
Personally I would call them stylized sunflowers rather than abstract. I have never really understood precisely what abstract means in art. To me all art is abstracted in one way or another.
Regardless,I like the sunflowers very much!