Acrylic House Paintings

I recently had a commission for several house paintings. A funny story: Mr. Beloved told me, one day, that he thought I ought to do some buildings. I said, “Oh, no. I don’t do buildings. I can’t do them and I can’t do all the things that go with them, like grass and trees and skies and stuff. No. I am not going to do buildings.” Well, within a week, I got a request to do a series of houses… I was stupid enough to say yes. LOL! As I got going, I stressed out so much! I ranted and raved about quitting, etc. But, I did better than I ever imagined. I think there is great room for improvement, but they are not nearly as bad as I was expecting. Also, my clients were very happy and shed many happy tears over them. That is a good sign. LOL! So, here are a few of them:

This is an apartment building in China.

Another apartment building in China. On both of these apartment buildings, I refrained from putting all of the power lines. The husband wanted them all and the wife wanted none of them. LOL! They do make it look more like China…

A house in Virginia with lots of sentimental landscaping. Even the fence in the backyard was sentimental. I’m glad they liked it.

A house in Texas.

Another house in Virginia.

I have one of which I didn’t get a good photo and I still have two more to go… I am trying to work up my mojo, again. LOL!


I love them all, and my favourite is the 4th one. Very atmospheric. :smiley:

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Just beautiful. They look like they were challenging, but fun to do! Great job!

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Thank you, Maki. Atmospheric? I was told to make sure and make the sky as boring as possible. LOL!

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Thanks, Lori. Challenging, yes. Fun, no. Too stressful. LOL!

You are a brave soul! Perspective looks spot-on. Nice job!

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These are great!
I love doing old buildings and barns and such. They just have so much character.