Acrylic paintings - just for fun!

A few months back we had a couple of days with no electricity. Since Lyme disease does crazy things to our system my sleep schedule is terribly off, and I am awake most of the night. This is when I usually draw or paint etc.

So, during these days I decided it was time to try something abstract/non-objective without preparing to just see what happens. I thought this would be easier with my little stand-up flashlight.

These are the paintings I came up with!

Enjoy, and critiques are always welcome and so very helpful!



They’re all very beautiful @TLP ! I really like the little girl in the window on the first one! Jesus loves you!!!

Thank you @The Mustard Seed Life,

I appreciate your comment. I like the little girl in the window too. I also like your name as we should have the faith of a mustard seed.


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Hello Teri, thank you so much for sharing these lovely works.
I definitely love them all! In the first work, I enjoy the chemistry of the different rhythms created by the tree and the patterning of the wall. The combination of curved lines with repeated squares makes the scene active and musical. You also have flowers in the scene, so to me, it feels like the wall is the bass, tree is the guitar or piano, and the flowers are drums. I would have made the trunk of the tree diagonal, instead of vertical. As to the second bird piece, I especially love your choice of colours. I may have added something on the upper right corner considering the overall composition balance. For the third non-objective piece, I would probably add light-ish blue to pepper the scene. This one reminds me of some hotels I stayed at while traveling overseas so perhaps I instinctively felt that something that represents the neon lighting would work well for this piece. I don’t come up with any possible changes to the fourth one; this artwork reminds me of some urban highways in the early evening and in my memories the cities I have lived/visited took on an appearance like this. They are all very intriguing works!


Thank you for your kind comments. I always appreciate your observation and honesty with your suggestions. I will take a look at the again with your suggestions in mind.

I will also be watching for a critique by Matt of your garden drawing. Wonderful piece!

Thank you again!


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