A couple of quick pen sketch

A couple of quick sketches …


Magnificent! :exploding_head: These are “quick” ones?! You honestly could also probably sell them as card designs, especially since it’s Spanish architecture! :es: Keep sharing! :clap:

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These ones aren’t from Spain. I’m back home now from holiday and back in Liverpool, UK. These are drawings near where I live :grinning::muscle::heart:

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:sweat_smile: I see! Still they are incredible and you could sell them!

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Love them so so much!!! The first ones awesome!

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Thanks so much. Means a lot :grinning::+1::heart:

Thank you. Can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying doing this at the moment. Feared this style of drawing for so long but loving it :grinning::muscle:

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The movement and whimsy of these is very eye catching! Love

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Love the style! Well done. Thanks for sharing.

Nice work, my friend. Check out @housesketcher on Instagram for some more inspiration.

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I am doing a course by house sketcher - its fantastic. This is my first project from the course


thanks so much :slight_smile: appreciate that

Love it!! You’ve got it,

How about this one?


I love the playful nature of the foliage and the “jaunty” tilt of the building. The way you’ve drawn the flag implies the wind is pushing the building to the side a bit. (I can imagine the building snapping back when the wind stops. LOL.)

It’s a fun piece showing what art should be. It LOOKS like art.

One of my mentors talks about how many watercolor artists from an oil painting background make the same mistake. They try to use oil techniques, especially ones from a photorealism background. But, unfortunately, those techniques don’t work.

When I was editing videos for Alexander Art, one of the artists was a floral painter Lowell Spears. In one of his videos, he said, “If I wanted it to look like a photograph, I’d get me a camera.”

Don’t get me wrong; I have the UTMOST respect for photorealists like the Smith family in the UK…both father and son. But I’m coming to realize that looser is better. I prefer your style to photorealism, for sure.

My initial thought is it looks like you MIGHT be “tightening” up a bit. If that’s the look you’re going for, then have at it. I liked your last one. Do you see how “loose” it is compared to this one?

I think you may be searching for your style. Don’t worry about that right now…it will come.

And don’t worry if you think you’re copying Albert’s work, because you’re not. That last drawing has a different style to it than his work.

Keep at it…I think Albert said something about doing a drawing a day. I also have a mentor who says, “Everyone has 1,000 bad paintings in them. So it’s good to get them out of the way…right away.” (Or something like that.) So that’s why it’s essential to do a lot of work.

Here’s an excellent video you might find interesting…

Glass talks about the idea of a “lot of work.” I would add…you need a mentor! Practicing the wrong stuff doesn’t get you anywhere. You need someone looking over your shoulder to comment on what you are doing right and what you need to improve.

Keep at it, my friend!

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Sent you a message :slight_smile:

Also straightened up in photoshop and looks better