More Poppies with Matt

Would love opinions and thoughts on my Poppies renditions. The first one was using the photo reference a bit more. The second (which I did first :roll_eyes: was doing the tutorial.


There are very subtle differences between the two paintings. In A, the one where you used the photo reference more, your application is more precise, more “photorealistic.” In B, the one you did with Matt’s guidance, your style is a bit looser, a bit more creative, more artistic. Now, I haven’t seen Matt’s rendition, but your painting may have come out that way because you copied his style, or you relied on your own. Of the two, I prefer image B, the looser, more “creative” painting. I think as you progress, more and more of your own style will emerge and your paintings will look less technical and more artistic. For me, what the artist brings to the work is so much more important than re-creating a photograph. That will come with lots of practice and confidence building.

Great job and I look forward to seeing more of your work.




Thank you. I am enjoying the exploration for my “style”. A mix of the two will likely be my go to. Some elements of realism mixed with figurative expression. I feel more able to be creative after I’ve explored a bit of realism.


Totally agree with @Skeeter451 concerning loose-ness! Photos are there for our reference, and tutorials are to teach us the steps, but both should help guide us to ultimately doing it our “style”, because that’s what helps a piece stand out! Perhaps if you tried again from photo reference, with the knowledge you have from the tutorial steps, you’ll find it easier? Keep sharing your work @Dotsie , it’s beautiful! :rose:


I personally favor the first one. The darker stems andmore defined flowers add so much to the piece. I also love how the grass and flowers sweep outwards! Tey are both wonderful though!:yellow_heart: great job!


This is my rendition of the poppy that Matt did on getting sketchy. I used pan pastel and colored pencil

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Latest Interpretation of inspiration with oil pastels. I find they beg for textural expression rather than strict representation. Such fun.


@Dotsie im absolutely loving seeing all of the flowers!!! Your art is so so beautiful! Keep it up!

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