Tulip - with artistic license!

Hello friends,

Recently, I attended a class on soft pastels at a local art school. One of the projects was to pick a flower and create our own composition. The flower I had picked was a single tulip with two leaves standing up straight. I loved the colour of the flower, but not the leaves. I also didn’t like the fact the flower was so straight. So I decided to make a few changes. Here are the results (the photo isn’t great). It was a lot of fun. The paper is Art Spectrum, pastels are a variety but mostly Rembrandts.


Nice job, I like the colors as well. I do like the rhythm of the leaves

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Hi Patricia @sterlingsiam

Your colors are so clean and vibrant. Just like tulips really are. I like this a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Terri Robichon

@sterlingsiam Patricia,

Beautiful tulip, I love it and hope you frame it


Hello Patricia,

This is gorgeous! Beautiful work! Your handling of pastels gets better and better all of the time.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful Tulip.


Thank you for your comment about the leaves. They really have nothing to do with real tulip leaves (that’s why I chose them… they were more interesting that way).

Thank you Terri. I loved doing this. I probably will do more of those at some point.

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I might just do that. It’s a small one, so I am sure I can find a spot for it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you Teri for your kind comment. I do feel that I am making progress with my use of pastels (especially since I don’t devote that much time to my art).


We all do what we can do. I think your progress is very good and glad you find the time you do for art. BTW…you are missed at the live lessons!!


Hi Teri! I will have to join a live lesson soon. I keep missing them lately. Thanks!

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