Attempting New Style in this New Year 2020

In this beginning day of the year, I am wishing all a very warm, joyful, colorful and prosperous Happy New Year 2020. I specially want to thank Mr. Matt Fussell for providing this platform, where artist like us can learn and share their creations. It keeps us motivated and encouraged us to do better.

Today, I am sharing a recent painting painted with acrylics on canvas. I am trying to add some bold colors to the painting to make it more vibrant though this is not my style of work. Please have a look and let me know if I am doing right.

Painting process of this artwork currently on YouTube. CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW


Love the colors. Very vibrant and the highlights just make the blues and darker colors more prominent. I don’t have any experience with acrylics, yet. Trying to get my nerve up! Just by looking at the direction of the lighting - seems to me - the left side (her left side) of her face needs more shadow (the cheek and jaw line). Nice shading of the reflection of the glasses on the right side of the face. I apologize if I seem to be too critical regarding value. I recently entered a contest and got cut to shreds regarding value. I am trying to improve my observation of “value”(shading).


This is lovely. And, yes, almost always you can push values.

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I think the colors you chose are great. It is a lovely piece of art work.

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This is beautiful! Only one word for it. Cool pallet and warm feelings. Really delightful.

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I LOVE the blues in her hair and her eyelashes. And the little highlights in her glasses are awesome. I’m going to check out your YT link! I can’t say much about adding more vibrancy, as I’m just kind of a beginner, but I know what I like visually and you’ve nailed it! If this isn’t your style of work, then congratulations, you’ve done a great job of stepping outside the box! Happy New Year!!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for close observation and appreciation. Yes, you are right. I need more correction for this painting. Thank you for your suggestion.

Thank you so much for your words.

Thank you so much that you appreciate it.

Thank you so much for your words. Just trying some new colors to my portraits to make it look better.

Glad to know that you liked it. Thank you so much for your nice words of appreciation. Yes, I am trying something new. Let’s see what can I do further.

I have not tried Acrylics. Back in 1970, they were almost impossible to mix. How are they now?

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Acrylics are still fast drying in nature. You can use retarder to keep your paint moist for longer or you can use open acrylics from Golden, which is as forgiving as oils. But I prefer to use a handy water mist spray bottle to keep my paint wet as long I want. No issues at all. You can try once. Its a fun and versatile medium to experiment.