Be encouraged. Don't give up. Keep drawing!

Day 1 to Day 24 in line drawing! This is my journey over the last month in starting line drawing with pen.

‘Always look back, so you can see how far you’ve come!’

Never give up on what you want to achieve!


:100: Way to go! All the pieces are stunning, and I know you must have learned lots of things on your journey! Learning never to give up is a priceless lesson! Can’t wait to see more and continue to cheer you on! :smile: :clap: :houses: :paintbrush: :pen:

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Great job @Dannomiss89!!! You progressed so well! Hope youll continue to grow in talent and love in art!!! Always love seeing your work.:heart:

Very nice. I admire your perseverance.

I agree never give up keep going. Great job.