Bird Series in Pastel

I thought I would share some more of my bird series, if I can. They are all pastels, whether pastel pencils, hard pastels, or soft pastels. Some are on Canson MiTientes tones paper, some are on velour toned paper, and one is on toned sanded paper. I think my favorite for pastels is the velour. I use Carbothello pastel pencils, NuPastel hard pastel sticks, and Blick Professional soft pastels, if anyone was wondering.






Great job with the pastels with these bird pastels. I love them all.

I love them, especially the chickens.

Very nice, all of them. Love the colors, especially the chickens. And, I think it maybe a little wren, the detail on the legs and feet are beautifully done, and it has the appearance of ruffled feathers. Great job and a lot of time and work.

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Thank you, Judy. The one that you are thinking is a wren is actually a Great Tit, which is not native to the America’s. Yes, he had some ruffled feathers. :smiley:

They are all beautiful, good work :smiley:

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Anna! Good to see you here! I looked at your profile and went to your website. You have been busy and I am so impressed! What beautiful art! I hope you share some on this forum for all to enjoy. :smiley:

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So beautiful, Ginny! I was wondering which medium you used for the birds themselves, such beautiful colors. Brenda