Cardinal in Pastels

This is one of my bird series. Soft pastels on 9x13 velour paper.


I love this, love his expression.

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Thank you, Lori. I loved his expression, too. :crazy_face:

This is great. Keep up the good work.

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Hi Ginny! Great job, as usual. I agree : this bird shows character!:wink:

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Thank you, Denise. :grinning:

Thank you, Patricia. He is certainly a character. LOL!

Beautiful. Love the colors.

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Thank you, Estelle. I do like bright colors. :blush:

Beautifully done. Love the colors. The tonal value makes it look like real feathers especially across the breast. And the suggested shading of the background makes the bird appear more forward and also the main focus of the painting. Very impressive.

Oooooooh I love this! Perfect!

Ginny . . . Wow! Beautiful! Your blending is great! What’s not to love about this cardinal!!!

Lovely bird, Ginny. I too am a pastelist but have never tried velour paper. I am a big fan of starting my pastel paintings with a Watercolour underpainting - is velour for dry medium only?

Yes, I think velour paper is just for dry mediums. :blush:

This is very well done! I love the green and reds together. Your cardinal looks very soft and fluffy.

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Beautiful painting. Blends very well with the background.

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I love the softness of the pastels on velour!