Birds of a feather but do not flock together😆

The hawk was watercolor and fountain pen ink along with some micron pen.

The blue bird was pan pastels with pastel pencil on pastelmat. Still getting the feel back with pastels and i have much to learn for sure :wink:
Thank you everyone for any comments and or suggestions.


Theyre both gorgeous BUT THE HAWK​:scream::scream::scream:
Insanely beautiful! That might just be my bias love for watercolors but seriously, ots absolutely amazing!:heart_eyes:

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:heart::heart: awwwww…thank you for your kind words. I must say that hawk one of my favs as well. Again i truly appreciate you taking your time to comment. Best wishes, Alice

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Fantastic job on them. Love them.

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Thank you soooo very much Denise😊

I love both styles, and they help in defining a separation in feel between the birds fantastically! Great work! :clap: :smile: :bird:

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Thank ever sooooo much. :hatched_chick::wink:

Both are beautiful! I am really enjoying just studying them. I love how the pastel bird is looking back.

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Thank you Sara :blush: birds are alot of fun and are so different from one another…they really make a great subject to study.