Blue Birds in Colored Pencil and Pan Pastel

Hi everybody!! I was wondering which Blue Bird drawing you liked best - I have a friend that has just had an operation and am going to frame and send one to her. I want to send the best one. Top Blue Bird or Bottom Blue Bird??

image image


For me, it is the top one. I like the strong color on the bird’s chest. I prefer the strong contrast in values in the top one. I think my problem with the bottom one is that the eyes and beak give the bird a bit of an angry look. I am sure that could be fixed, should you decide to go with the bottom one. Nice job on both, by the way.


Great job Ruby, I totally agree with Patricia :cat::two_hearts:

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This is beautiful. Love it.

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I forgot to type in the .Mitchell@ after the is the way it should be.

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Either one, both are very good. Great job.

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