Buffalo in Wyoming

It’s been a while since I have shared anything with this great group, but I just finished my latest oil painting on stretched linen canvas 16"x20". Although you don’t see it in this picture, it is framed in a heavy black wooden frame which really accents the values. Hope you like it, and as always, kind suggestions for improvement are always appreciated.


This is great. It looks like the bull is coming right at you.

Wow! That is powerful. Very well done.

Hello Jody. You know how much I enjoy your work. If I had to make any suggestion, I would tone down the reflection on the horn on the left (the right horn of the animal).

There seems to be some conflict between the light source, which seems to be on the left side of the animal and the color on the muzzle.

This being said, it is a wonderful piece, as always. I particularly like the white in the right eye. It is very natural. Thank you so much for sharing this.


Thank you for your feedback. This is always so helpful