Lion King of the Jungle

I have continued to paint every day and was recently accepted in the Animal Artist Association. My latest paintings have concentrated on the “big cats” series (Lion, Cheetah, Tiger). 18x24 stretched linen canvas with Rembrandt oil paints. Constructive criticism is always welcome.


Jody, I looked, and looked… couldn’t find a single piece of criticism (constructive or otherwise :wink:) Once again, you’ve created a gorgeous piece of artwork. Out of curiosity, the Animal Artist Association is local, national or international?

Thank you for your nice comments. AAA is an international organization and you can submit your paintings to their jury to be considered for membership.
Another great organization is Oil Painters of America (OPA) which is in North America. Same deal. Juried selections. Best wishes

Oh, my paintings are not at your level yet. I have a wonderful lithograph from a Canadian painter who was a member of the Society of Animal Artists. I love her work - you might like to see some of it. Your work somehow reminds me of hers. (

Hello Jodi,

I am new here and this is the first piece of your artwork I have seen and as Patricia said, it is a beautiful, rendered Lion. I have never painted with oil paints but hope to soon, but with the water-soluble oil paints. Maybe one day in the far, far future I will be able to paint something half as nice. Teri

Congratulations!. Very happy for you. This is gorgeous.

I find the frame a little distracting. No issues with the art, it looks great! Just an opinion (everyone has one) but I do think the art would appear stronger with a simpler frame.

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I love this! Congratulations on being accepted into that group. I would love to see your other big cats too.