Charcoal Lion Sketch

I wanted to try something a little different the other day. Here is a lion created using charcoal vine, pencil and powder. The picture was downloaded from pixabay (thank you Matt for sharing that website).! Sorry for the reflection as you can see a photographer I am not :slight_smile: lion%20charcoal%20medium|650x500


Love his smile…and NO mean eyes. You have captured the kindness of the gentle beast on paper…thank you

Thank you for the compliment. So far my family and friends have
all zeroed in on his eyes :wink:

I agree with gobrnco12 - your lion looks like he is about to purr and roll on his back for a tummy rub.

Hi Patricia,

Thank you! I am glad my lion is not too intimidating to share

Very nice. Good job with a messy medium. I just can’t get the hang of it. LOL!

Thank you Ginny. He was a lot of fun! Feels like I am a kid
“getting messy”


I love the personality you put into the lion. What a great job

Thank you Denise!