Catahoula Sunrise Kiss


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Gee, I do not know if this picture of my youngest son and his wife ‘Kissing in the Catahoula Sunrise’ is going to show up. Maybe it will. Was painted on a 3’ x 4’ museum quality stretch canvas.

It was a real learning experience that took me on a journey of 3 repaints or paint-overs. The only other thing I need to do is paint the bottom of the canvas, but I will have to turn it upside to reach it. Depending on when we go out to visit then and how far along the drying period is I will either give it to them later this year or maybe take my paints out there and do it there.

Woo-hoo, I see it now. Let me know what you think? I am not going to do any corrections and will sign it tomorrow so I will not be tempted to try to do something that will only frustrate me no end.

I love this site and I am learning so much and being reintroduced to some mediums I have not worked with for about 50 years.

Thank goodness for ‘cooking oil’, Old Masters Brush Cleaner and Preservative, tube wringers, $$$ for buying supplies, and vinyl gloves. But, I am still messy - getting more paint on me than on the canvas.

Have a wonderful evening.
Lenora (“lilnora”)


This is great. Love it.

Thanks!! I am trying to figure out the ‘new’ forum (if that is what it is). I just need to know that I can get back into this site. LOL!!! My computer sort of crashed today so I am reinstalling a lot of things and will be glad when it is up and running again, as it should.

Congratulations on your work. The theme is fresh and so human at this covid time.

Thank you, Margaret. My son and his wife were surprised and loved it. Hung it in their bedroom replacing another picture I had painted of a rear view mirror image. I will try to post it if I can. It was a real learning experience. I will paint the bottom of the canvas when we go out there in January.

Thank you Denise. We took it out to them this last week. They loved it. YEAH!

Really lovely artwork. Wish you a Happy New Year!

Thank you Forgetmenot73 I really enjoyed doing this for my youngest son and dear daughter - in - law. They hung it up right then after giving it to them.