Cherries In Champagne-colored pencil


:scream:beautifully done! The carbination is very nice.

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Hi Skeezix! Great job with this colored pencil piece. Love the bubbles. You certainly captured the magnifying effect of the glass really well. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow - love that! Did you do from life or a photo? The bubbles and are perfectly amazing. What a great idea to do on black paper

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I used a reference photo. The photo was done by Gill Merritt. Photographers and artists get together on a FB group called “Free Reference Photos”.

Looks great! Which colored pencil line did you use and which paper? I’m going to assume black paper but I can’t get whites that white when on black from cheaper colored pencils.

When I took the colored pencil course here, Matt recommended Prismacolor, so that’s all I use. The black paper is Stonehenge aqua coldpress black heavy paper.

Nice job! I tend to shy away from reflections, but you did a really nice job. Working on black paper really transforms an image and the presentation of our artwork!

Look forward to seeing more!


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