Chrysanthemum study with pastel pencils

In this study, I tried to combine my drawing style with tips from Matt regarding directional strokes and value to create texture and aproach a form of realiam.
I toroughly enjoyed the process, especially with the pastel pencils. Perhapsi overdid the highlights, but in overall I really like the outcome.

Any tips or tricks are welcome


Great job. Wonderfully done. Love it.


Well done. One thing I really like is that you didn’t make a common mistake of outlining the elements (like the leaves) and then coloring them in. Instead, you did a great job using the colors and values to define the edges. The layering and number of colors is really good.

Terri Robichon


Nice use of gradations of colors!

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The colors are amazing, as the above comments said! The flower on the black paper is really beautiful, a very awesome job! :hibiscus: :smile: :clap:

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I love it! It looks so old fashioned.