Colored Pencil Rose

Please any comments welcome!

This about 6" square on Dura-lar paper with faber castell polychromos colored pencils. This was a project from Feb 2022 Colored Pencil Magazine. I am slowly working my way thru the ones that interest me. I enjoy these cause this is written instruction which is totally more challenging than live instruction. I did not have all the colors that the project asked for but I heard Matt’s voice telling me it is all about value and to trust my eye! I overall pleased with this but did struggle with the center and finally decided to walk away!


THAT IS A-MAZING! :scream: The style and lines of the colored pencils on the roses, WITH the nice changes of color, very well done! :rose:

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Beautiful! You should be vert proud of it. Lenora

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Looks fabulous. Well done.

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This is gorgeous. Wonderful job.

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Very nicely done. Your values are spot on, but maybe a little bit more blending in the transitions, especially in the dark areas of the outer leaves. Beautiful!


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Thank you! It did take some time for those color changes


Thanks. I totally agree about the leaves. I shall fix that

Well done. It is beautiful.

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Veeery beautiful :rose:
I’m not good at coloured pencils…how many layers this rose costs?

I would say 5-7 layers? depends on how much variety the petals

Very Nice colors are Beautiful it’s all about blending and shading Well done.

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What a wonderful drawing with great attention to detail. Admire the way you caught that blue reflection that red roses have. How long did it take you?

Beautiful work! I am impressed how you managed the full range of values while still keeping it a middle red color! I’d have ended up with most of it near black or pink, the range of midtones you blended is wonderful and flows with the contour nicely.

Beautifully delicate. Thanks for sharing.

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It probably took me 6-8 hours. Very enjoyable hours. I wasn’t in a hurry and worked on it a bit most days

Thanks! You could do it - just go slowly and be patient!

It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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Meme5 - thank you! I had a lot of fun with that one