Rose - Colored Pencil

I did this rose today. 5"×7" black Canson Mi Teintes (smooth side) with Caran D’Ache Luminance.

Have I stated how much I love these pencils!.

Knocked this one out in 4 hours. I feel like my speed is picked up some. My confidence really has.



I love this Lenet. You really captured the shape, the layers, and the delicate nature of the rose. Thanks for sharing it.


Thank you, @Brenda. I tried to capture it.

Lenet, you did a great job! Your confidence shows on your rose. You captured the highlights and shadows really good.


Thank you, Sonia @Meme5 . I’m having fun. I have been trying to draw something every day. I didn’t have much time yesterday to draw. I pulled up my Sketchbook app on my phone and did 5 or six quick blind contour line drawings. But even that exercise satisfied my urge to drawing something everyday. I know it is not always possible, but it is helping.


Lenet, thanks for the reminder that if there is little time left at the end of the day at least put pencil to paper & practice some exercises.
Wonderful piece.


What a beautiful rose. And on the black paper if pops! Thanks for inspiration


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Thanks, @junenez . It doesn’t match the referece in color, but Iwent my own direction to push the colors some and try to keep harmony. For instance the darks used a dark blueish green over the red orange color. I felt the compliment would work better than creating a different dark, such as a Gray added to the color palette. It worked immediately as I applied the color I felt to be as close as possible to true compliments.

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This is just lovely. Very Beautiful

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Thank you very much, @Denise .