Color pencil of my dog Daisy May resting on the couch

This is how my dog Daisy May loves to sleep on the couch or our love seat.


Oh she looks like she wants to play! That eye is so sneaky. Very nice fur. Perfect proportions!

This is adorable. Love it!

HAHAHAHA!!! My Jack-Rat sleeps in all kinds of positions. I think part of it was because she wore the “Cone of Shame” when she came home with me. She is a ‘rescue’ and has given us a great deal of pleasure. She sleeps in an over-sized bed next to me and I need to make sure my camera is on because when I make noise to turn my camera on, she pops her eyes open every time. She especially loves my husband. If she could ‘talk’ she would not let us get a word in edgewise. She thinks she can and is very expressive all the time. Actually, I think she loves the person that isn’t home when she thinks that we should be. She walks throughout the house whining. She seems to know that it is close to 5:00pm when she runs to the window in our bedroom to watch for husband to drive up in the driveway. She then runs around and around yapping that she is ready to get out of the house.