Contemplation and a Carolina Wren

I have not been on here very much, lately. Boy, you guys have been busy! LOL! I have not, but here are a couple of things I have done, recently.

Mixed media on dark gray Canson Mi-Tientes pastel paper:

Soft pastels on velour paper:


Lovely works! Did you use reference photos for creating these works? I think taking a good photo of a bird is very difficult(so I rarely give it a try :sweat_drops:). So if you prepared reference photos for the bird pastel work, you must be good at taking photos too. :+1:


I’m pretty good at taking photos, but they are not of birds. I have to use a tripod and take my sweet old time. Birds do not wait for me. LOL! I got the bird photo from and the photo of the girl from

Thanks for the comment. :smiley:

Very nice. I’m not good with a camera, but I have an ole classmate that is and she has given me permission to use any of her photos. She and her husband travel a lot and she takes lots of pictures. The Carolina Wren is beautifully done.