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Hi, I’m new to this forum and I’m sure this has been discussed before, but, couldn’t find anything posted. I’m curious about how much time others dedicate to creating art or practicing their skills. What does your routine look like? I try to work daily, not very successful and mostly while I’m teaching and explaining concepts (high school art teacher).
Thanks in advance,

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Hello Christine & welcome to our community forum. You beat me to the punch as I wanted to post this same question. I reckon I will be first to start. I am a novice at sketching & this is my second year with TVI. When I sit down to draw in the morning, in my “studio”, a spare bedroom, I put on classical music to get the brain waves moving with the help of a cup of coffee. Everything I need for the day is usually on the desk, the vine & compressed charcoal, ect. I change the music throughout the day, mellow tunes (Eric Clapton) to prog rock (Rush) to southern rock (Outlaws) depending on my mood. I usually start around seven in the morning. The day just fly’s by & before I know it its lunch time. This is not everyday as there is yardwork to be done, finishing touch ups inside the house. Not very exciting which is the way I like it.

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Nice routine and I like the musical progression!

Christine, the question of time to devote to an art project is a good one. For me, I never think about it, there is no set time requirement, what ever time it takes is what it takes. However, I do not sell my work and if I did I would have to consider how much time was involved. I’m 77 years old and been drawing and painting since childhood thanks to my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Probert who was an art inspiration to me. I do a lot of work on 11x14 paper, sometimes I can finish a project in a day or so and sometimes a week or so depending on the medium. The end result is what’s important to me not the time. Good question thanks for posting .

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Thanks for the response, it sounds like Mrs.Probert was one heck of a teacher!!

Hi @myersfire. Thanks for a great question and welcome to the forum. A lot of people who participate at this forum know that I’m retired and I participate in the fine arts category at my local county fair. There are 37 total items that a person can submit in a wide variety of medium and subject matter (all outlined in the fair booklet). I love the challenge and structure, getting me to try things I might not otherwise have done. Therefore I try to complete 37 drawings / paintings a year. Right now I have completed 24 items since mid-August 2023. I really have to stay focused to complete one item a week which is what I’m doing right now. Usually I start around 9:00 each morning (after having breakfast with my husband and feeding the birds) and quit around 4:00 in the afternoon. An average of 6 or seven hours a day, and I do this 4 or 5 days a week. There are always exceptions of course, but that’s what is most common for me. I don’t usually do artwork at night, except to watch Gettin’ Sketchy and the Live Lesson.

Terri Robichon

Wow! Thank you for sharing your routine and motivation. That is great that your county fair allows for so many entries and specifies medium guidelines for diversity. I appreciate your response.
Sincerely, Christine

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@mom2gaggle , I am taking this course as well as another more intense course, so I try to spend about 20-25 hours per week on my artwork. I have recently been on a break for a couple of weeks so got back to it today.


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Thanks for your response, that is a nice amount of time using two programs. Good luck on your journey.

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Hi Christine,
I have quite a busy life but try to do some drawing every day. That might look like doing 15 mins of sketching or if it’s a weekend, I might spend a couple of hours working on a larger project. My output is small right now. But I think the important thing is showing up every day and doing something. I’m not retired and I work about 30 hours a week at least (self employed piano teacher) so I must make time to practice my instruments as well as manage my household. I think just showing up every day and doing something with drawing is important for me right now.


Thank you for sharing, it sounds like you have a good balance with your busy schedule. Good luck with your schedule I know it can be tough to keep your routines!

Hi Mary @MaryLetitia - First I want to say “welcome” to the forum. Nice to see you join our community. I hope you pop in often, and maybe occasionally post something you’ve been working on.

I think it’s wonderful that you have found a way to keep artwork in your busy life on a regular basis. Enjoy whatever time you can spare for growing your artistic skills.

Terri Robichon

Hello Christine,

Since I am home on disability, I don’t have a set time, but I try to do at least one or two quick sketches/studies in graphite with the plan to choose a color medium on a day I am feel a bit better to start them in color.

No set time as I said and no time limit. It seems like you are doing the same thing, working on artwork while teaching. I think it all depends on our schedules and life needs.


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I like how you split you process and deal with color on another day. Glad you found something that works for you. Thank you for your response and time.

My goodness! From the many answers you got, I see that I need to devote way more time to art, but it has been challenging for me. I took classes at a local art school recently and put in extra time at home to finish the class projects, but I haven’t been doing much. I guess we can all be full of excuses. In my case, the biggest problem is that with spring, there are so many things to do or that I want to do outside, that I don’t spend very much time inside. Although I am retired, I am quite busy these days with many things other than art. I will have to make more time for it. Perhaps make an appointment with myself. :laughing:.


Patricia, it is funny you should write this today. I was just thinking I was going to move myself outside and paint on my porch this weekend😁!

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There’s no right answer here, so I’m glad for your honesty. Just because some of us spend more time than others, it doesn’t make us better people.

My life goes through cycles and art is my current passion. But, it hasn’t always been that way.

Enjoy your time, no matter how you decide to spend it.

Terri Robichon