Early morning thoughts on paper

Just some early morning thoughts:
After accumulating many drawing pads,books ,mostly white ,what now?
Matt teaches us the use of toned paper ,mixed media ,watercolor is so important in the value and story we want to tell its become for me a thoughtful exercise before I pick up that pencil.
And what am i going to do with all those 60lb. sketch books?
The Pen and Ink course is a good place to start.

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I think the sketchbooks of lower quality paper are still important. Sometimes I just doodle or shade while I’m on work calls. I keep a small sketchbook to carry around when I know I have down time. None of these drawings are meant to be final products. The cheapness of the paper gives me the freedom to be less precious with my work and just draw.

as becky says; I think this is your call to sketch more often!

but I also was reminded about thumbnails sketches. another use of it.

I know for myself; that I generated a drawing and Saw HOW much I need to work harder at getting accurate texture when I’m drawing.

so I suspect that the most insightful answer is to keep on doing art; and ask the question what is holding me back; keeping in mind that all that white paper is a tool and a resource for working on it.

I, too, am drawn to ink. its an awesome medium- I love its definition and boldness.

Woo Hoo - send them to me. Just kidding. I think the cheaper paper would give you the opportunity to do the thumbnail sketches and pick a subject you like and draw it fro m different angles. Then if you think you like the subject, you have something to draw or paint from. Maybe even more than one subject.