Loving the pen and ink course

Anyone else done this course? Seems really good. I’m at an early stage of learning to draw in pen and it’s very different to graphite but loving it. What paper is best for pen workm


I like to use Bristol smooth.

Some people like velum or marker paper. It depends on the ink you use, quite frankly. It also depends on how thick of a paper you like.
Some inks feather into the paper, some sit on top of the paper and smear.
I love how ink looks on Tomoe River paper, but sadly, it is not produced anymore. I like a thinner paper for ink drawings for some reason.
Clairefontaine makes a blank paper called Trouphie or something like that—it is for letter writing, I think, but I actually like it, too.

I don’t know if that helped or if I am speaking a foreign language.


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Hello @ Dannomiss89, if you can express your vision in some media, it is art. Good art or bad art is in the eye of the observer. If you you are trying to achieve something in particular, then there are ways to learn techniques and with practice you can achieve varying levels of your goal. I don’t think art is something that is ever perfected. But creating art is always a challenge. That challenge is what makes it fun. Every small success makes one want to do it again and improve, even if the subject matter is different. Enjoy the ride, don’t sweat the small stuff, self-evaluate your work, work on things that are different from what was intended and seek advice for things you need to improve on. Each piece created is just another stepping stone in the process we refer to as art. Enjoy the journey!

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