Ink control with dip pens

Today I started adding some pen and ink exercises to my mix of activities.
I did the texture exercises with a nib, technical pen and ballpoint pen each. For some reason I feel that I have the best control with my ballpoint pen.
I have a really hard time with the thickness of the lines with a nib.

What is a good way to control the ink flow with a nib? Do you know some good exercises? Which of the videos cover the dip pen? (So far they have been introduced but all exercises are done with a micron .03, so I’m a bit lost there…)

Happy drawing everyone


Hi Jennilein,
Sorry I can’t help with this one because I have no experience with Nib Pens. What I wanted to tell you is that if you like ballpoint pens, watch for posts here from MAKI. She specializes in ballpoint pen drawings and they are Incredible.

Terri Robichon

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Thank you, yes, I have already seen the beautiful cats and the trees, they are gorgeous. I also wrote down the pen she uses as I only have a very old ballpoint pen from my school days, that isn’t really suitable anymore :melting_face:

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Do not fill the pen too much and go light with your hand. I had the same problem.


Those of us who grew up when there were no ballpoints know that for dip pens, practice is the only way to get better. I can’t tell you how many times I blotched drawings because I got impatient. Usually about the time you mastered a nib, it would wear out and you started all over again. Ball points and technical pens are so much easier to use.

That sounds discouraging! :laughing:
I remember having a similar issue, when I tried calligraphy years back… that’s why I gave up in the end, all the blotches and bleed through

yes - practice! I love my dip pens and it takes time to figure out how much ink to dip, pressure, etc. Once you get it - you will love it.

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All art is a lot of failures. One thing I learned in the first art course I took is that we can see all the wrong things we do, and usually don’t notice what we did right. Techniques for one medium will cross over to another. Maybe it is because I am basically stubborn that I stick to something till I can make a reasonable fist of it. I hope you haven’t thrown out your attempts. Sometimes we go back and they are not so bad. Anyway, thanks for joining the group.