Preference for dip pen over technical pen

Hi, I’m curious if anyone has an opinion about when a dip pen might be the preferred instrument over the convenience of a technical pen? Are there advantages unique to dip pens? Trying to understand. Thanks.

I haven’t tried pen and ink for a long time. But if you are wanting for a clean line, I would use the technical pen because you would not overload the dip pen and get too much of a drip from it. That is IMHO. Others might give you pointers on how to prevent this. You won’t have to worry about having a glob of ink somewhere on the drawing and not where you really want to have it go in its place, or put a piece of paper under the outside of your hand to keep from smearing it.

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Ok, thanks for that. What I’ve gathered is that it’s a technique that persists/survives due mostly to its old school vibe that some people (maybe me) still enjoy. The superiority of technical pens for consistency and convenience seems irrefutable. I’ll be curious to know if anyone disagrees.

Both are successful. The dip pen sometimes leak out, but also had the same problem with a regular pen. Whatever works for you would be the best one. I like both.

I think I’ll just have to do a bit of experimenting and figure it out for myself, I do like the notion of a dip pen.
I wonder if anyone here has tried the Kakimori nib? It seems like it might eliminate the nuisance dripping of other nibs.

To me and in general I think the technical pen looks more…well…technical :grinning:
More stiff, rigid and formal and can look unnatural for some subject. The dip pen looks more natural, organic and the line slightly irregular. I like and use both for different subjects. For a really organic look get a small stick off a bush or tree and sharpen one end for a dip pen. All have their use.

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Thanks Dale, I like the idea of improvising a twig. Have you ever tried to craft a quill pen from a flight feather?

No, I haven’t but I am sure there is an art to it :slight_smile:

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I completly agree with Dale - what a great summary. :slight_smile: