Eastern Bluebird

Still working on my little bluebird :blush:, 100% cotton watercolor paper, watercolor and gouache with some pastel highlights. Still more detail needed i think but would love to hear everyones thoughts. Thank you advance! Alice


This is beautiful! I love your background! Watercolor is not my forte, so I’m no help. I’m just happy you shared! One of my favorite birds. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Thank you Brenda, i really appreciate your positivity and kind words as always. :heart:

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Hello Alice,

It looks like you are off to a good start. Looks really nice as is. Can imagine how it will look when you get in those finally little touches.

Look forward to seeing the final project.


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You have a great start. I love it now. Can’t wait for the finished result.

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Wow! Can’t wait for finished product, if this is a start. Love it. :smiley:

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Thank you soooooo much Teri :blush:

Thank you Denise, i greatly appreciate the kind words.:blush:

Thank you so very much!! :blush:

Hi Alice - This is really nice. Thanks for sharing.

Terri Robichon

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you are an amazing artist. When did you start with your artwork?


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Thanks so much Terri!! :blush:

Hi Teri!!
Thank you for the kind words, i greatly appreciate it.
I took AP art in high school (1990-93) did some stuff on my own drawing wise then for over 20 years i basically didnt do anything. Then a bit over a year ago i picked back up and absolutely fell in love all over again. :heart:


Okay Alice,

I will show you my ignorance or spending the 90’s in the mountains of Guatemala but what is AP?

From what I see in your ability to keep to the same style no matter the medium you use, loose and expressionistic what you learned came back to you with ease.

Teri (alias Artsycrochet)

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Hi Teri, AP was “advanced placement” for art class. Not like it was a super big deal…it was great for us that wanted to have more in depth learning and study. :wink:

Thanks Alice. I appreciate that you took the time to let me know. By your artwork I can see why you were in advanced classes. Teri

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I apologize Teri for being so late in getting back to ya, its been crazy the past few weeks here.

No worries Alice,

We all have lives that get crazy at times. Missed you at the last live lesson.

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