Form live lesson with watercolor pencil

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Almost there, it’s a satisfying experience working with watercolor pencil.
The only drawback of using watercolor pencil is that you can’t mix colors like you normally do with watercolor. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lovely work. Watercolour pencils are unique. I have this one on my very long to-do list.

I have a plastic palette with a scratchy side that allows you to scribble the pencil on then use like normal watercolour.

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Thank you for the tip Janed, I’ll try that!

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You can also take the paint, with a brush directly from the pencil tip.


So far this is turning out great.

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This is lovely! He look so soft. I agree that mixing colors is more"challenging" than with traditional watercolors, i’d like to compare it more with layering colored pencil. But still fun nonetherless

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I agree with you. Sometimes we need to enjoy the medium and the process.

A very nice watercolor pencil piece, the feathers looks so soft! Great work! :bird: :clap:

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