Fun VanGogh Copy

I love VanGogh paintings. I thought I would try this with pastels. I got the idea from a book I checked out at the library on pastels.



Wonderfully done! You really captured VanGogh’s style with the pastels. I would not have the courage to try to learn this way from the master’s, but maybe one day. Very inspiring!


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It is fun to just try. Do it. You might like it. :slight_smile:

You definitely captured the whimiscal-ness, and the pastels have a great texture! Nice work! :grin:

Great job. Love it. Wonderful work.

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Very nice Indeed :heart: never worked with pastels

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Nicely done Ginny! I love pastels but have only done Van Gogh in acrylics. Youve inspired me to give it a gogh :slight_smile: PJ

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Good pun. LOL! If you give it a gogh, please post it.

So beautiful. It takes you to a different world when you look at it.

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Thank you, Wren. I’m glad you like it.