German Shepherd Dog

Friends German Shepherd Dog, drawn with Fabercastell Polychromous coloured pencil on drafting film


That looks like a photo :scream: AWESOME AWESOME!!!

Beautiful! Fur is very realistic as is tongue. Great contrast and Iā€™m jealous.

The eyes are stunning! Completely beautiful. and beautifully complete. Thanks for sharing.

Love it. Great job keep up the good work

Such a lovely picture! The fur looks real.

:scream::scream::scream::heart_eyes: thats unreal!!! Or very real- what im trying to say is that it looks AMAZING! Great job!

Very impressive.


Absolutely awesome work. Can see the dogs personality show through. I would take that dog home, opps forgot it was a drawing! Great job, keep those drawings coming.

Absolutely amazing job, especially with the fur! Thank you for sharing!