A dog with a story

I haven’t been posting much lately but haven’t been drawing much as well. I finally started my 3th coloured pencil drawing for a very special mission.
A friend of mine recently lost her husband and one of his his last wishes was for her to adopt a handicapt dog named Thor. Thor is in a dog wheel chair and lives in a special shelter for dogs with handicaps and other troubeled dogs. I was touched by the look of the dog and of course the sadness of my friend, so I decided to try and draw the dog. It’s a really difficult one for me with all the different colours of fur but still think it’s a great gift for her when it’s finished.


Oh my! He’s beautiful., and that’s a very touching story. :heart: You’ve done an amazing job with the fur.



Thank you very much Brenda! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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wow - what a wonderful thoughtful friend you are! Your dog is looking fabulous and the fur is amazing

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Absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful :heart:

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Thank you both for your kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wonderful Job. He/She is so handsome/beautiful. Your friend will be touched by the love and effort you are putting into this special drawing.

I look forward to seeing the finished drawing. I hope you will submit of for a critique.

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This is great. I know she will love.

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