Gettin Sketchy - Future Matt 4/26

I was just going to watch this one but I do like to draw along so I decided what the heck. Here is my future Matt ! Enjoy :slight_smile:


Great job, June!!! I didn’t draw along, but I’m so impressed with your rendering of the image! I also like the detail you included of the hoodie. I have so much in-progress stuff going on, that I’m not sure I’ll ever again have only one thing going at a time. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. :slight_smile:

Hope you’re rested up from your travels!


Awesome job June!!! :clap:

This is wonderful!! Great Job. Love it.

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This is great June. I haven’t figured out how to actually draw along with them while they are live. I’m trying to watch them and the chat. So, I’m amazed how anyone can get anything drawn, and I’m impressed with what you accomplished in so little time.

Thanks! I currently only have projects in my head! I always draw along - I like knowing it is live

I love the challenge! And I know myself - I won’t do it later! hahah

Thanks! DId you do or just watch?

Thanks! Did you draw along too?


I must say I think your image of Matt in the future looks more like Matt than his did!!! You really captured his eyes!!!

Who knows, maybe I’ll watch it again and give it a shot.

Thanks for posting it.


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Oh June i just watched…unless it has fur, feathers, leaves, or rocks im out…:rofl: