Girl with The Lamp series 2

I am sharing one another painting of my recent Girl with the Lamp series. This is the same girl that I had painted earler, but this time with a different composition. She is wearing a traditional Assamese dress and holding the tray with the lamps. I am using the earthen lamp lights for lighting up her face though there are other white lightnings in the environment. This gives a very warm skin tone for the painting. Keeping the original skin tone and achieving the reflection of artificial lighting same time was a challenging tusk for me. But I have enjoyed it. This is not the perfect painting for me. But I am improving.


Another very beautiful painting.

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Truly lovely. I do not see anything I would change. Good job.

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Excellent rendering of light, shadows and contrast. Beautiful!

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my first impression was “Oh!! Woe!!!” This is really very nice! Congrats!

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This is fabulous!. I love the lighting and expression on her face.

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Thank you so much for your comment, Lori.

Thank you so much for appreciating my art.

Thanks for your kind words and close observation.

A million thanks to you for appreciating my art.

Thanks a lot for your observation and kind words of appreciation.

Wow. I love the mood of this piece. Beautiful work!

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You have great talent!

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Thank you so much for your appreciation.

Thanks a lot for loving my art.