Acrylic Lamp Lighter


So beautiful. Love the atmosphere…I’ve never done acrylics, is it on canvas?

I love this. Good job.

Thanks, that one’s on a panel.

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Very atmospheric. Did you intend the difference between the lamplighter and right and behind the lamplighter and left? I would think that the misty part would be less defined than the store front and incidental figures on the left.

Nope, I did not anticipate how quickly the lamp forced everything forward.

Hi Ross -

I’m thrilled to see you and others posting with such unique styles. I struggle with acrylic painting, so from my perspective this is amazing. Hope to see more of your work posted here.

Terri Robichon

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Thank you Terry, appreciate the feedback!

Wow, this is amazing! I really enjoy working with acrylics, I like open so I have a little more time before the paint dries. So detailed without adding all the details, something I have difficulty loosening up to do.

Thank you for sharing your artwork.