Graphite portrait sketch

Even though it’s off, I’m quite pleased with this one. I think I’ve captured something of this lady. I spent a bit more than an hour on this one and I could spend many hours finishing it with so many beautiful wriggles… But had to stop! :grin::+1::heart:

Any guesses?

(Just so you know all my drawings are freehand, no grids, no tracing)



Very well done. I love it.

I don’t recognize her, but then I may not know her. It is very well done, however. :slight_smile:

I don’t know who this is, but the face does look familiar. So, my guess is that she is either a political figure of importance or an actress.

Maggie smith. English actress

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Of course! I should have recognized her, she is one of my favorite UK actresses.

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It’s far from perfect mind you :grinning:

Perfection is a word that, to my view, should not be part of the artist’s language… :wink:

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