Portrait from a movie

Hi ! I’ve been working on graphite portraits these past few weeks and I’d be curious to know what you think of my latest. In this one I wanted to work on expressions.


You did a wonderful job on the face and expression. It is really well done. If I may make a couple of suggestion, I would push the values a lot more on the hair. To do this, I think I would darken the lightest areas to give some depths to the hair. Also, I am not sure where the light is coming from (although I suspect it is top right) but you might want to revisit the shadows on the face. For instance, if the light is coming from top and a little from the right, then the right side of her nose would have a slightly darker shadow. Still, I think you did a great job on this. What movie is this from?
Thanks for sharing.

You sure captured it. Well done. Love it.

Thanks for your feedback !
It’s hard to tell where the light comes from, I’d say just above given the highlight on the forehead (which is not clearly visible on the drawing…). As for the hair, it’s my nemesis, I never seem to be able to build enough value… Next time I’ll try to block in a base value and work from that instead of starting from white.
Thanks for the advice and I’m glad you liked the drawing anyway !
And it’s from the movie “Hereditary” (do not watch at night :scream: )

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it :grinning:

I checked out the movie description. I am pretty sure many people would not watch this at night OR during daytime. :laughing: