Have you ever tried Urban Sketching?

Have you guys heard of this?

to urban sketch is to go out and do a Live, relatively quick, “sketch” of a landscape. its meant to be lighthearted and fun, and connect people whom are seeing the sites LIVE and not pouring over some reference photo.

I’ve done a few quick sketches and they’ve been a blast.

I’m kind of doing this backwards; for I started an “urban Sketch” today and maybe I should have made it first before I put the post up.

but I thought I would open up the thread to anyone whom has done a few drawings (watercolors, oils, acrylics, pen and ink! whatever)-- that are “urban sketches”

post them if you have them!

I will post when I’m done later this week.


i look forward to seeing your urban art work.


ugh, I don’t like how the trees came out. if the whites look a little wonky thats because after I scanned it, I darkened it with a photo editing app.

it would have been FAR better to darken it with pencil though. Develop the shadows…

anyways; its a sketch!

and the idea of the urban sketch (from the manifesto), is that its a record of a time and place
not something you agonize over to get perfect.

if your so inclined, Do give it a whirl. more details and ideas of things to sketches are all over the internet.

many of them are crowded cityscapes. but that is not necessary. the point is to get inspired to draw landscapes in real life, and use the sketch as a means to enjoy (and visually explore) what your seeing.

Urban sketching (ink and watercolour or marker) is my favourite painting medium. During lockdown I did just a few ink drawings in my garden, but next week I am going to tag along with my husband to a nature reserve where we can hike. He is a photographer, so while he takes pictures I want to sit on one of the benches and do some drawings. We live in a city, so it is fun to have these nature areas to go to.
There is an urban sketchers community (world wide) on Instagram, if you want to see what everybody else is up to. Search #urbansketchers to find them. Enjoy!

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Here is one of the drawings I did yesterday at the nature reserve. Ink and watercolour on in a Hanemuhle sketchbook.
Drawn live at the Moreleta Kloof nature reserve

Oh wow. I love your art Linze!

this is Exactly what urban sketching is like. GJ!