Hello everyone hope I do this right

Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself… new to the site and drawing( or at least in the last year or so)… never thought I could draw anything more than stick figures, but am looking forward to learning more through this amazing resource.


Hi, welcome to the community! I hope you will get great pleasure in drawing and painting. And in this community you will find the most warm and supportive people to share your experience with!


Thank you very much!

I look forward to exploring, learning, and being able to engage with a like minded community.


Welcome. Always go for it and try different things. You will succeed with practice.


Welcome! :slight_smile: I always thought that I couldn’t draw and after a month of practice, I wish I wasn’t so hard on myself because it’s so much easier than I thought. The lessons that Matt offers are really good!


Hi RainFrances, I am very hard on myself, too, and I have learned that ‘if’ others let me know that they think it is finished, I feel okay to sign it. Otherwise, it calls me to ‘try’ to improve on it. I just sometimes look at what I am doing and tell myself, go ahead and sign it so you won’t be tempted to ‘fix’ it. I usually end up repainting spots and then it makes me end up painting over more places. I think I just need someone to take my brushes or pencils away from me. I am learning so much on this site and absolutely love the way things are presented to us.

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I think I am going to tell myself that I am ‘new’ at drawing and painting after a long time away from doing anything. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I have a split personality. One can draw & paint, the other can’t even get out of the rain - most of the time. I will let you and others decide who you might be entertaining. Thanks for your patience.

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