Tgp introduces himself

Hey guys!

I’ve decided to join this community in the hopes that it makes me a little more serious about my sketching.

I’ve decided to get back to sketching the natural landscapes that I love! I’m not really SO stuck on any particuliar technique; but I have a beginners pencil kit.

I’m REALLY impressed with some of the material and tutorials. Its awesome. so maybe this is a good place to post pics for critique and discussion? idk. but I know participating in a community helps me build passion for an activity and I’d really like to improve.

is this a good time to post a beginners picture?

it was inspired by someone doing a drawing on the net. I’m trying to learn the techniques to make these pics plausable and realistic.


It doesn’t matter if your a beginner or not. Can’t tell with this great sketch you did

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I agree with Denise. If this is a beginners work then all I can say is you have a marvelous sense of perspective. Keep it up because you are doing fine.

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It looks like it is very foggy like a cool morning. Love it.