Hello from Belgium

Hello, i am anory and i am very now to the world of art
My journey has been rather special at the start if this year i have started the hobby of 3d printing, i like to make figurines and many other things.
Because figurines need painting i have bought an airbrush to paint with but when researching airbrush i have become very interested in the world of art.

I have a interest in photorealism, landscapes, portrets, well lets say allot of different things :slight_smile:

So now i would like to learn how to draw them myself.
I have been searching for a course on drawing and having not much success, but then i have found this website and i am very interested.

Would this be a good place to start to learn how< to draw my skill level is really low so i would start from 0 maybe even -5.

There is only one thing i see so many courses on this website and now i don’t know with what course to start.
Could you please guide me in the right direction so i can learn to draw in a proper way.

Thank you for reading cheers Anory

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This is a great place to learn. I’d start with The Secrets of Drawing. It’s for complete beginners. I started drawing in 7/20 and I’ve learned the most from The Virtual Inspector. Good Luck!

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Hi Anory -

Welcome to the community at The Virtual instructor. I think you will find it’s a very positive environment where people love to share their work and ask questions. Since you’re new to the site, I would strongly recommend that you devote a half an hour a week and watch the Members Minute where Matt does a critique. It is time really well spent and he looks at work by all skill levels. By the way, nobody is a -5 in terms of skill. All it takes is desire and practice and clearly you are ready for this journey. Have fun!

Terri Robichon

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Welcome @anory ! I second what @robichon says, art isn’t about perfection, and it’s never too late to start the journey! :smile: Also, what an awesome hobby! I’m a 3D modeler, so I create 3D things on the computer! Look forward to seeing what you create! Jesus loves you!!!

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