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Hello everyone, my name is Simona and I live in Rome, Italy. Before Covid-19 broke out I used to work as a local guide in my city and as a Tour Manager throughout Italy with English and Spanish speaking tourists. I also own a Travel agency. When the pandemic broke out I was left without a job. I have always loved to draw since I was little but never had the time to go deeper in the subject and learning the techniques . Therefore, I have decided to use all this extra free time to take online art lessons. I found Matt’s courses on YouTube and decided to become a member of the Virtualinstructor.com almost a year ago, after watching a few of his lessons. I am so glad I chose him because he really is a great teacher.
I have already learned a lot and my favourite media so far are: graphite, colored pencils, water color pencils and oil pastels .
Will post my works and am looking forward to your critique as well as seeing your works. Glad to be part of this community.


Hello Daniel,

thanks for writing and sorry for late reply.

Glad to know there are other Italians in the forum. Sydney is a beautiful city. Was there on honeymoon in 2007. We actually toured Australia for 2 weeks and fell in love with it. I think Sydney is one if the best cities to live in to the point that my husband and I considered to move there in the future but then things changed and we decided to stay here in Roma.
I am really enjoying Matt’s lessons. What I have learned so far is worth the annual fee.
So again looking forward to share my works and to see yours .

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I’ve never been to Austrailia but a friend has dual citizenship in the USA and New Zeland. My sister checked into dual citizenship for another country and she said that doing one in Australia was difficult, needed a LOT of money and a sponsor (not sure I understood her about that). You have to obey their regulations and laws. I had a friend and her husband who went to Austrailia and went on a cruise throught Sydney and other places there.